Monday, January 18, 2010


This morning I completed the majority of the work for my application to the University of Maryland school of social work. I celebrated by engaging in my favorite leisure activity: drinking wine and playing pokemon on my sister's game boy.

Oh yeah. I'm classy.

So while I was levelling up my Monferno (ladies) I chose a glass of Terra Barossa Shiraz, partially because I think "shiraz" sounds like a pokemon name, but mostly because it's the bottle that was open. A quick googleing tells me that this brand is part of the Thorn-Clarke winery, which has a really great website. Unfortunately, I'm not tasting any of the chocolate that they mentioned... though there's a hint of it on the aftertaste. This is probably my own fault. First, the bottle was opened two days ago and was left on a part of the counter that gets a good deal of sun. Not ideal. Secondly, I drank some coffee just before tasting it, and so my taste buds are overloaded.

 Normally I'd also list having a cold there, but for some reason, this cold is not touching the usual nose and throat membranes and has gone straight for my inner ear. It's not that bad right now, but every so often I'll look up and the room will come unhinged. Saturday was miserable. We were supposed to go skiing up at Whitetail, but I was having trouble performing such complex tasks as brushing my teeth. Throwing myself off of a mountain seemed to be a bad decision.

I have noticed that I'm not doing so well on the slopes this year. It's been about three years since my last lesson, and I can feel old bad habits kicking in. I'm throwing my heels around to make turns instead of just shifting my weight. Not only is that a waste of energy, it's a pretty useless method of speed control. So, since my efforts are less effective, I'm becoming more timid. So basically I neeed to take another lesson or two.

Hooray! I love skiing! I went with dad right after Christmas, and I'm really excited to get back on a mountain. Of course, I'm supposed to be doing things like "applying for graduate school" and "looking for a job" instead of playing on the slopes... but all work and no play makes Stark a dull girl, right?

Okay now it's time to go battle the leader of Veilistone gym!

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