Friday, January 15, 2010


The garbage truck's brakes are either very, very new or old and busted. Either way, they are making a sound like the mourning call of a great leviathan. It is much eerier than I approve of this early in the morning.

So it's my birthday next Tuesday. I really have no idea what I plan to do for it, though the idea of doing a cheap-ass blind tasting has crossed my mind. Naturally, I would not be able to actually DO that until February, due to everyone I know being World Travelers (tm). The difficulty of having a birthday in mid-January is that everyone is sort of out of the party spirit. In early January you can ride the New Year wave of partying, and in late January people have generally been rested enough to have a go at it. It does not help that my birthday coincides nicely with the first day of classes for most colleges.

Anyway, all this kvetching isn't furthering my alcoholic blag. Unfortunately, I have not been drinking anything I have not already tasted. Every night so far it has been the Cruz Alta Cabernet, our standard house red. Mom and Dad did open a Syrah last night that I should investigate later, of course.

My mind just can't stay on the dranks that long, mostly because I am busy trying to plan for graduate school. I have enrolled in a class at Howard Community College, which will probably cost me two or three paychecks, since it is a requirement at Maryland's School of Social Work that I have a lifespan development course under my belt. LAME. Could be worse, of course. It could be ANOTHER STATISTICS CLASS AAAAAARGH HATE.

I am also desperately trying to write all of my essays. I am not good at that sort of writing. After NaNoWriMo stripped me of any illusions about the quality of my work, I have come to the conclusion that I am not particularly good at any sort of writing, and should therefore just get on with it. So off I go then.

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