Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am an idiot.

Okay so I read Uzumaki yesterday while eating spirals mac & cheese from a bowl with a spiral pattern on it, you know, for bonus points, and I found it far less frightening than either Gyo or Amigara Fault, both of which gave me distressing nightmares. I thought that I would be totally fine with everything. And then today I decided to eat a slice of portobello mushroom.

Now, I used to hate mushrooms. The texture is gross. I started eating them at work because they are vegetable matter and I don't eat enough vegetables. I grew to like them, even though they are kind of like eating slugs. I would think "mmm delicious balsamic slug nom nom nom" as I ate them.

While I was thinking this I recalled the part of Uzumaki where the gang member crawls inside the snail persons shell and starts eating his face raw. He comes out and describes it vividly before doing whatever weird spiral-possessed thing he did. I was immediately sick to my stomach and had to throw away the rest of the mushroom. Even holding it in my hand was disgusting to me.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is SCREW YOU ITO JUNJI, YOU TWISTED BASTARD.

In other news I'm thinking of starting Rising Mind in a new blog, because that would be pretty cool, right?


  1. So, the El Gato Negro Malbec was kind of mellow and boring, but in a pleasant way. You're going to have to give me reccomendations to look for at that italian grocery place.

    Also, I always thought it'd be cool to do a blog as the character in some story; kind of writing a book from first person entries either as a diary or some other literary device for omniscient recollection and recording

  2. You should totally do that. I'm thinking of writing Rising Mind in the What Now? blog that I don't write in. Because it might inspire me to write more often.


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