Monday, September 28, 2009

Strawberry infusion. Lots of pictures!

My strawberry infusion has been steeping since sometime around August 18th. The berries have gone the desireable gray color you see here. I'm going to do a step-by step thing here, because I can. Also I like to pretend to know what I'm doing.

It smelled heavenly when the berries were still in the bottle, but that probably was just the berries being delicious. I got them from a farmers market, and as many of them ended up in my mouth as in the bottle when I began this infusion a month ago.

Okay. So set up your space. You have your infusion, a strainer, a clean, white t-shirt, a bowl to strain the vodka into, and a new bottle. The bottle was originally a lemonade bottle. I took it home from my restaurant when it was finished, sterilizing it first in the restaurants steam cleaner and then in my own dishwasher, you know, for paranoia purposes.

If you own any pets, they will immediately swarm around your legs at this point. If you own a large bird, get him out of the kitchen, because he will fluff as much as possible and get feathers in your vodka. At least, that's what this little bastard did.Cyrus is evil and hates all that is good in the world.

Now pour your vodka through the strainer and t-shirt.  The t-shirt ensures minimal sediment in your final product.Try to get those strawberries all out of the bottle. You will want to squeeze out every last drop of tasty, tasty alcohol from those berries. Also this lets you recycle the bottle. Recycling is important, kids!

Once you have all of the vodka in your bowl, it is time to taste! Get out your classiest shot glass, or in my case the most classified one. Now, the delightful smell earlier really was all a function of the berries. The long steeping took a lot of the harshness out of the cheap, cheap vodka I used, but it still tasted sort of like grass. Look at that pretty color though!

I have a huge sweet tooth, so I sweetened this with a quarter cup of simple syrup. No pictures of this step because making simple syrup is just about the most boring task in the world. I then spent about fifteen minutes hunting for a funnel, because I'm an idiot and forgot about it at the beginning.

The bottle is now in the basemant. We have a room in the basement where the temperature stays around the mid 60's, which is just about perfect for my purposes. It will stay there for about another month, at which point I shall do another taste report. Hooray!

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