Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Woo! Pictures!

I found my camera cable! It was, as Mauve Shirt suggested, in her room. How the hell it got there, I don't know, because I'm pretty sure it's not compatible with her camera. Whatevs.

Anyway, pretty pretty pictures!
Look at them strawberries. Look at 'em. Ain't they gorgeous? They were tasty too. MOST of the two pounds of strawberries ended up in the jar. The rest ended up in me. Of course, my favorite strawberries are the mutant ones. You know, the ones trying to grow an extra head or something. Like this one.

I also did a mango infusion this afternoon. What I know about mangoes can be counted on the fingers of one elbow, so these were selected and broken down pretty inexpertly. There were gonna be three of 'em, but...
I sort of assumed that that's not a good way for mangoes to look. QuasomodoMango was not used in the making of this infusion, though I did involve him in making a mess of the kitchen. GOD mangoes smell like flowery ass. I'm not entirely certain about the quality of this infusion, so I didn't make all that much of it.

Finished products!

Oh yeah, check out that bidniss. When I went downstairs to put the mango infusion away with the others, I made sure to give them all a good shake. The coffee was already turning a delightful color, as seen below.
That is going to be delicious. CRAZY delicious.

Of course, I've got about a quarter liter of vodka left, and I'm wondering what I should do with it. Any recommendations?


  1. Spare vodka.... maybe Molotov cocktail someone you don't like?

    Okay. No.

    Have you ever infused skittles with vodka? Take a whole pack, minus the green ones and let them dissolve. Sieve and and you have liquid skittles that'll get you pretty damn wasted.

  2. molotov cocktails work better with stuff above 80 proof, and I already dated a guy who got arrested for that (HI SMARMY).

  3. I will need to work on moving bribes. Yours are going to beat my offerings senseless.

  4. Vodka goes with everything. Especially me.

  5. It is compatible with my camera actually. I borrowed it over spring break as I left my own camera cord at school. I'm sorry I forgot to return it to its rightful place.
    Those strawberries look fantastic! I hope I might be able to try your infusions now that I can legally drink.


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